A Guide to Stamp Duty Charges in West Bengal

A Guide to Stamp Duty Charges in West Bengal

Buying a house can be counted among the largest financial decisions of your life. The solution lies in comprehensive preparation. Step one, naturally, is choosing a suitable mortgage. This can allow you to obtain the home that meets your requirements. Yes, housing loans need to be paid back during a lengthy duration. However there are different fees you have to look after. One of these would be the Mortgage stamp duty and registration fees which one needs to understand:

Getting Knowledgeable about the Requirements

Why is Stamp Duty Necessary?

Stamp duty is a tax which the state government levies when you purchase or sell a home. Consequently, if you’re buying a home in Kolkata, then you have to know more about the stamp duty in West Bengal.

When you select the house, you need to have it registered in your name. You have to do it within four weeks of paying the stamp duty. This determines your possession of this property or home. The enrollment fee also can vary in various states of India.

After the possession of a house is moved, the arrangement between both parties has to be validated. This is achieved via a stamp issued by the authorities that has different fees. As soon as you cover the stamp duty, the price has been enlisted in the listing of land transactions maintained by the authorities. In the event of any dispute, the postage secures your claim within the house.

If you’re buying a house for below Rs.25 lakh in business regions in Kolkata or Howrah, then you’ll be charged 6% stamp duty. In the event of a home that costs over Rs.25 lakh, the rate is 7 percent. Similar prices apply for homes at places notified under business or municipalities.

For other places, the prices are 5 percent for properties which price under Rs.25 lakh and 6 percent for properties over Rs.25 lakh.

It is possible to utilize a stamp duty calculator to understand the specific amount you need to cover as stamp duty.

The most typical way of paying stamp duty is using a non-judicial stamp newspaper. It is possible to purchase the stamp paper out of a licensed seller. As soon as you’ve paid the obligation by means of a financial firm, the vendor places a postage on the newspapers. This validates your claim upon the house. The stamp duties are exacted on each individual trade rather than on every individual.

What Happens when the Payment is Delayed?

In the event of a delayed payment you’re usually charged at a rate of 2 percent every month. Thus, it’s ideal for you to pay the obligation up front whilst signing the agreement.

Registering the Home

Now you have selected your dream home, it’s the right time to register it. You’ve got to pay the enrollment fees within four weeks of this trade. It’s exacted in the rate of 1 percent over the value of their house. Consequently, if you get a home in Kolkata to get Rs.20 lakh, the stamp duty payable by you’d be Rs.1.2 lakh. The enrollment fee will be Rs.20,000.

Despite the fact that you select a property and submit an application for a home loan it’s also advisable to consider these fees into consideration.