7 Kitchen Items That Promote Long and Strong Hair

7 Kitchen Items That Promote Long and Strong Hair

Did you ever see those commercials where every single woman has great-looking hair? Something you would want on your own. The glow, the luster, the length-everything appears to be ideal! Alas! The truth is awful. You and your curled hair which does not even permit you to wear your favorite fashion, let alone styling into your heart’s desire. People today are inclined to put on a variety of ways, but neglect to look after their hair in the long term. Curling, straightening, blow-drying, these procedures daily can have a hefty toll on your hair. The question is, how exactly can one draw the line between maintaining your hair shinier and keeping it healthy? Imagine if I tell you, the secret to healthy and long hair put within your kitchen. To be more exact, seven of these items which may be located in almost any kitchen can be a superb source of nutrition for anybody who wants to attain great looking hair that shines daily! Keep Reading to Discover More.


Onions are a huge favorite natural supply of power for your hair follicles. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory attributes, the juice of onion aids eliminates your scalp from germs promoting hair growth. For many folks, onion juice may result in undue aggravation, and thus it’s wise to conduct a patch test before you choose to program in your scalp. Here is the Way to go about deriving the juice out of onions:

  • Chop down onions about.
  • Utilize a grinder to combine them with the support of water.
  • Add several drops of essential oils.
  • Utilize a muslin cloth to strain the water and apply precisely the same around your scalp and your hair down.

High in protein, Methi is proven to deliver ready nourishment to somebody’s hair with frequent use. The existence of Nicotinic Acid also helps one’s hair development combined with Lecithin, and it can be a determining property to help rejuvenate the hair follicles. Follow the process as listed under:

Start by massaging fenugreek seeds blend the very same with water.

Employ the answer to your scalp and your hair down.

Another age-old way of supplying nourishment to your tender hair follicles is having a blend of egg yolk using curd. The curd or even the yogurt functions as a natural conditioner for your hair, therefore helping to keep natural lashes and also make it ultra-soft.

Start by beating a single egg and combine 2-3 tbsp of curd to it

Whip it and then apply the mask to your hair gradually using a brush

Sometimes known as a wonder plant, Aloe Vera has exceptional curative properties to help restore damaged hair follicles. Due to the existence of proteolysis enzymes that function to get rid of dead skin cells, Aloe Vera leaves a cooling feeling across your scalp while at the same time acting to smoothen your hair to get a light; glistening feel when you wash away with one wash.

Require Aloe Vera foliage and slit it on a few of those sides

Scrap out the gel out of interiors of the leaf and use the same to your scalp

Please keep it for one hour before you wash it off.

The two Amla and Lemon are packed with Vitamin C content, which works on hair follicles to assist offer nourishment to the scalp. In any case, Amla and Lemon can also be high in iron in addition to carotene, which can be demonstrated to affect hair development in the very best way possible. An individual can even resort to utilizing Amla Hair Oil that conveys the goodness of Amla and Lemon in prosperity. Here is the Way to go about making a mix of Amla and Lemon:

Please give it a fantastic mix before you put on the solution.

If it comes to glow and luster to your hair, Honey functions as emollient and contains antiseptic properties that maintain your scalp away and fresh from blemishes. On the flip side, once we include banana, they behave as a rich source of potassium to impart the much-needed advantage.

Start by mashing two tablespoons and combine it with half a cup of Honey.

Add just a small bit of tbsp oil.

Employ the root of their hair into the tip and keep it to get a good 25-30 minutes before the last wash.


Potatoes are a rich source of vitamins that works towards supplying strength and nourishment to hair follicles. Regular application of olive oil into your camp and hair helps clean out the clogged pores. Blend them at a mixer towards a smooth consistency.

Utilize a muslin cloth to strain the juice and then move it into a spray bottle for ease of use.

Wrap up Thus, each time you’re working on your kitchen, you may too prepare yourself different hair sprays and try them out each other day, working a regular. As time passes, you may witness your hair getting tender, powerful, and healthy with additional luster and glow!